Submission Information

Feedback Form Feedback will be accepted via letter, email or on the Eirgrid’s feedback sheet. Address: The Grid Link Project Manager, EirGrid, PO Box 12213, Glenageary, Co. Dublin.


Items to include in your Feedback Form There are 4 categories of information which may influence Eirgrid when considering route selection:

1. Environmental Items of environmental, cultural or historic significance; Ring forts, Listed buildings, National Monuments, Architectural Conservation Areas (ACA), Historic gardens, Rare Animals, Birds, snails, Bees etc, Nesting Sites, BirdWatch Ireland Bird areas, Native Woodlands, Nutrient Sensitive Areas, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, High Amenity or Special Amenity Areas, Protected Views and Prospects, Scenic Routes, Scenic Views, Scenic Landscapes, Special Amenity Orders, Historic Landscapes, etc

2. Community Items of significance to the life of the community; Recreational areas, Major tourist sites, Walking and Cycling Trails, Salmon Rivers, Drinking Water Sites, Recreational (Bathing) Waters, etc

3.  Economic Items of economic significance; Property Devaluation (Perception of buyers), Horse runs, Point to Point courses, Businesses / enterprises, Commercial forestry, etc

4. Technical Items of technical significance; Underground Services, Slopes >30 percent, Elevation >200m, Quarries / mines / landfills, Unstable ground, Karst areas, Poor ground, etc

Arguments outside these categories may also be made. We believe it is important to state that you are against the proposed route and explain the reasons to your objection.

Assistance available from interested locals Group members will be available at our information on the main street in Lismore.

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