Proposed Letter To Politicians

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As your constituent, I write to you about the Eirgrid Proposal to route a 400kV Pylon line in the Blackwater/Bride catchment area.

This pylon line will tower up to 150 ft over our property and countryside.  It will adversely affect the value of property, impair our beautiful views, have adverse effects on wildlife in the area, reduce the tourism potential of the whole West Waterford area, may have health implications and will carve itself through the very productive farmland found in our area.

This is a very serious matter for myself, my family and all the residents of this area.  We wish to inform you that we intend to make this an election issue during the forthcoming Local/European elections due to take place during 2014.  We will be making our decisions about our votes, based on your future actions surrounding this issue and on what progress has been achieved by you in the prevention of the routing of this pylon line throughout our area. 

We look forward to hearing from you and will await with keen interest your endeavours to stop this proposed development.

Your sincerely

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