Bride and Blackwater Anti-Pylon Group

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As we all gather with friends and family during this Christmas season we appeal to everyone to encourage your neighbours and friends who haven’t already sent submissions to do so as soon as possible.  The closing date was extended until 5 pm on the 7th of January. 

Signs For Your Property (See images at the side)

Signs are still available from Paul Flynn’s in Cappoquin for €15 to prevent entry of Eirgrid personnel onto your property. They will also be available in Glanbia Dungarvan, and from Emma On 087 086.3096797 or

The information centre is still open in Lismore beside the Credit Union and will assist anyone in filling out the submission forms and talking to people about the proposed corridors.

ACTIONS  to resist Gridlink

1. Send Submissions to Eirgrid

For information about the feedback form click here.

2. Contact your politicians

For suggestions  about  contacting your politicians click here

This site has been put together by a local group who are opposed to the construction of the Eirgrid Grid Link Project through the Bride / Blackwater Valley. This project proposes to put a 400kv Electricity line (biggest in Ireland) through the Bride / Blackwater Valley. This section is part of a larger project to run power lines from Kildare to Wexford and on to Knockraha. This will involve the construction of pylons (50m(150 feet) high / 3 pylons per km) to carry 6 paired cables through this historic and scenic area, potentially 50m (150 feet) from your house.

The project is currently in a consultation phase which ends November 26th 2013. This allows the public submit feedback forms to Eirgrid on the proposed project. These feedback forms are an opportunity for people affected by the project to register their objection to the line running through the Bride / Blackwater Valley. Eirgrid have the backing of legislation, court assistance plus government support to run power lines on any route they deem suitable in accordance with the common good. As a result it is important that your feedback form is reasonable and persuasive.

This page aims to highlight what can be done to resist this development.